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What is Gospel Grab Bag?

Gospel Grab Bag is a beautiful, downloadable, PDF document that is filled with top-quality resources from trusted content creators, brands, and bloggers at a 100% discount.

This year, Gospel Grab Bag has 40+ Christ-centered products from over 30 contributors!

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Find a detailed list of what’s included in your Gospel Grab Bag below!


Value: $14
A Word-by-Word Hebrew Scripture Study of Isaiah’s Messianic Prophecies.
Devoted is a brand new Hebrew Scripture study for women who want to dig deeper into God’s Word.

Value: $10
Created to encourage and comfort mothers by sharing inspiring stories of faith and love, Encouraging Motherhood is both a daily devotional and Scripture study journal for moms in every stage of motherhood.

A Wise Woman Builds Bible Study
from Powerline Productions

Value: $25
A Wise Woman Builds Bible Study is all about leadership, mentoring, teaching, using your gifts, loving others, leading a small group, counseling, and helping others find their place in God’s Family. Pairing Biblical insight with practical tips, Meredith offers answers to the questions you have about being a woman the Lord can and will use.

Ultimate Christian Wedding Planner
from Powerline Productions

Value: $30
Ultimate Christian Wedding Planner is all you need to plan your perfect day! Packed with information on both traditional and modern protocol, you will be amazed at the wealth of wisdom and help contained in these pages.

Gratitude Coloring Journal
from Wisdom From Heaven

Value: $8
This printable Gratitude Coloring Journal has 140+ pages for practicing gratitude in a creative way and based on the Bible. It has coloring pages, activity pages, and journal pages. The size of this gratitude coloring journal is US letter (8.5 x 11 inches).

Breezing Through Transition Virtual Workshop Bundle
from Grow Your Faith with Katie J Trent

Value: $40
Do you want to learn to effectively navigate seasons of change so you can thrive even in times of uncertainty? In this 30-minute virtual workshop, Katie J Trent shares tools to propel you into your purpose in the midst of change, including: Two common pitfalls to avoid & three strategies for success. In addition to the virtual teaching, you will receive a downloadable bundle pack with over 60 pages of products to maximize the benefits of the workshop.

Value: $8.99
This printable 20 page Bible Companion Guide for Christians includes the Names of God and their meanings, a list of the Miracles of Jesus, Biblical Numbers and Their Meanings, Colors and Their Biblical Representations, a breakdown of The 9 Fruits of the Spirit, The 9 Gifts of the Spirit, The Armor of God, Prayer circles, and much more.

Ultimate Bible Study Planner
from Blessed Homeschool

Value: $12.99
Are you looking for more focus in your daily quiet time with the Lord? A tool to help you dig deeper into Scripture and be more intentional about studying your Bible? The Ultimate Bible Study Planner can help with all of this and more. You’ll love this printable planner/journal with 30+ pages to help guide you in your study and grow in your relationship with God.

Value: $12
This bundle will help you get started with Bible study and scripture memory in a way that’s easy to do, even for busy moms like you! Learn what the Bible has to say about teaching and raising your kids, and be encouraged with Scripture all day long!

Value: $7
The ABCs of God’s Love Letter is a 25-week Bible study—25 weeks, 25 writers! We’ll use the alphabet as an acrostic and study topics ranging from Abide to Zeal. Each week you’ll discover a different topic accompanied by five Scripture verses—one for each weekday.

She Loves Truth Bible study
from InstaEncouragements

Value: $7
We are super excited to bring you the She Loves Truth Bible study! This lovely, 28-page self-guided (or group-guided) Bible study gently leads the reader on a journey through the book of Proverbs. The plan is great for new believers and for those established in the faith as well.

Value: $5
This is a breakout printable package from the book The Heart That Heals: Healing Our Brokenness Through The Promises of God. The package includes 10 coloring pages with verses used in the 10 chapters of the book.

Bridge to Life Bundle
from Living Colors

Value: $10
Download over 70 pages of printables based on Scripture. Learn brush lettering with our lettering practice sheet workbook to print or use digitally. You’ll also get 5 Christian coloring pages that are relaxing and calming and the perfect way to unwind from a busy day.

30 Days To Spiritually Grow With God
from Clothed With Dignity

Value: $5
Are you ready to start the new year on the right foot? Why not grab a copy of my new devotional, “30 Days To Spiritually Grow With God” to encourage you on the right path this year. Start each day strong with the word of God. Each day there will be a new scripture to read, study, and focus on, alongside some time for personal reflections and a prayer to end the day.

Digging Deeper Christian Community
from One Determined Life

Value: $50
2 Months of Membership: A membership community designed to support and guide you in your walk with God. Access weekly Bible study workbooks, bible study tools, teaching, Christian community and much more!

Value: $15
Did you know that the word “pray” is used 306 times in the Bible? Wow! That must mean praying is important to God. Use The Homeschool Mother’s Prayer Journal: A New School Year to discover how to use each of the P-R-A-Y acronym as you study God’s Word & pray for your school year. Prayer topics covered include family focus, curriculum, schedules, fear & doubt, depression, anger, praise, gratitude and more.

Prayer Journal
from Wisdom From Heaven

Value: $5
This printable Prayer Journal has 50 pages to write down your prayers and keep track of them. It has journal pages, prayer pages, planner pages, scripture cards, and Bible Journaling Printables. This prayer journal comes in two sizes – US Letter (8.5 x 11 inches) and Happy Planner Size (7 x 9.25 inches).

Grow Your Faith Planner
from Hope In The Chaos

Value: $7
The Grow Your Faith Planner was designed with you in mind to help support and guide you as you study the Bible at home. Dive deeper into God’s word and build your most important relationship with goal setting and progress tracking. Record what you are learning, how you are changing, and where God is helping you grow with this 50-page planner, journal, and devotional printable. Includes reading tips, suggestions, and 7 devotionals to help you get started Growing Your Faith!


Ten Commandments Practice Pack
from The WOLFe Pack

Grade Level: K-5th
Value: $10
This Ten Commandments Practice Pack contains more than 120 pages that will help kids of all ages memorize and understand the Ten Commandments through a variety of activities including Reading Passages, Comprehension Questions, Writing Prompts, Coloring Pages, Games, Posters, Flash Cards, and More!

Grade Level: Teen+
Value: $1
Created by a pastor’s wife and hairstylist, God’s Girls Beauty Secrets Bible Study was written to inspire young women of all ages to be beautiful inside and outside. God has beauty secrets for an inward beauty that will overflow to the outside. This Bible study looks at beauty killers such as worry, fear, gossip, complaining, selfishness, and more. You will learn more about reverence, prayer, faith, Quiet Time, surrender, modesty, propriety, submission, kindness, serving, and seasons in a woman’s life.

Missionary Copywork Bundle
from WriteBonnieRose

Grade Level: Ages 8-13
Value: $
Dive deep into the hearts of Adoniram Judson, William Carey, and Hudson Taylor with this missionary copywork bundle that includes 42 quotes by these faithful men of God. Each quote is provided in print, cursive, and manuscript format to trace and to copy. Be inspired by the lives of these men. 194 pages total.

Grade Level: Ages 8-13
Value: $5.98
Help your students commit key verses from Proverbs to heart with this copywork. It includes key verses to trace or to copy from each of the 31 chapters in Proverbs, making it easy to do a page of copywork each day for a month. All Scripture is in the King James Version, and both print and cursive copywork are included.

Grade Level: Ages 5-7
Value: $3.98
Help your little ones commit 24 easy-to-learn Bible verses to heart with this fun set of 144 activities. Some verses are in ESV; others are from the KJV. Activities include copying the words, unscrambling the letters, simple mazes, and more.

Grade Level: Ages 3-7
Value: $1.49
Give kids a fun way to engage with ten Old and New Testament Bible stories with this hands-on Bible Story Cut and Paste activity. Kids can read the stories from their favorite Bible or Bible storybook or listen to someone read the story to them.

Missionaries Notebooking
from WriteBonnieRose

Grade Level: Ages 11-18
Value: $3.49
This missionary notebooking unit gives your students a chance to explore the lives of 79 men and women who left their homes and served God as missionaries. Each notebooking page includes a list of questions that lead students through researching the life and work of each missionary.

12 Sons of Jacob
from With the Huddlestons

Grade Level: K-12
Value: $10
12 Sons of Jacob is simple and powerful. This unit study highlights and teaches about Jacob’s twelve sons, their name meanings, tribes, and more. You’ll find this resource very useful for homeschooling multiple ages from elementary to high school ages! This resource is perfect alone or combined with other Biblical unit studies! 50+ pages!

Grade Level: 3-10
Value: $10
This pack of 25 Scripture Memorization Coloring Pages is the perfect way to help young children learn verses from the Bible. Each page includes an easy-to-learn Bible verse from the King James translation and a sweet illustration to color.

Grade Level: K-8
Value: $8
Copywork pages for Philippians 4:8 and the Lord’s Prayer. Each passage has 3 levels of writing practice, line by line handwriting practice in both print and cursive as well as notebook lined pages. These are designed specifically for students with dysgraphia in mind.

Fruit of the Spirit Copywork
from Homegrown Motherhood

Grade Level: Age 6-14
Value: $19.99
The Fruit of the Spirit Character Building Copywork is a 365-day faith and character-building Bible verse copywork activity on the 9 fruit of the spirit in Galatians 5:22-23. This daily activity is great for elementary through middle school ages!

Grade Level: K-5
Value: $15
With a fun camping theme, families will accompany the people of Israel on a journey through the book of Exodus – learning important lessons about God and His faithfulness to Israel, and to us. Included in this download is a 12 Week Devotional with a “Read-Ask-Do” format on the book of Exodus & 12 Family Challenges to accompany each week’s devotional – some fun, and some spiritual, and more!

Church Search for Kids
from Equip Family

Grade Level: PreK-5
Value: $4
Looking for a fun way to get kids engaged in worship services? Church Search for Kids is exactly what you need! This download includes 4 unique “Church Search” sheets for various reading abilities, including non-readers! This is included as a PDF and a PNG file.

Grade Level: Ages 5-14
Value: $11.99
Easily teach kids the books of the Bible with fun activities that your kids will actually enjoy! No special materials required. No boring time fillers (these activities are genuinely fun). And they’re so easy to teach that you almost don’t even have to try!

Obedience Activities Guide
from BibleBaton

Grade Level: K-6
Value: $15.99
Discover together what the Bible says about “obedience.” This Scripture keyword study pack includes a variety of resources for all ages, so every single member of the family can get involved!

Grade Level: Ages 7-11
Value: $11
Help your kids gain an understanding of what prayer is, how to pray, when to pray and what prayer does with this Prayer Bible Study for Kids! And help them dig into the scriptures with this printable SOAP Bible Study Notes For Kids.

Hymn Study
from Music in Our Homeschool

Grade Level: K-Adult
Value: $45
Perfect for your whole family because such a variety of activities are included! Whether your purpose is to study hymns as part of your Charlotte Mason curriculum, Morning Basket Time, to grow in your personal faith, family worship time, or simply as another genre for music appreciation, this is the curriculum for you!

30 Day Character Challenge Journal
from Mom for All Seasons

Grade Level: K-6
Value: $12.97
Each day for 30 days, using the printable 30-day calendar as your guide, your child will focus on a new character trait. Then, using the daily character journal, your child will look up the definition of the trait, find an applicable Bible verse, discover a Biblical figure that exemplifies the trait, list characteristics of the trait, describe how he/she can display the trait today, and then perform an end of day reflection on how well he/she modeled the trait throughout the day with a plan for improvement {if needed} for the following day.

The Armor of God Workbook
from Mom for All Seasons

Grade Level: 3-8
Value: $12.97
Teach your children all about the armor of God with this 19-page printable workbook which includes: Scripture Reading Passages Fill in the blank activities Art Activities Labeling Comprehension Questions and more!

Grade Level: Ages 9-15
Value: $5
Our Biblical Virtues of a Godly Girl Tween – Teen Bible Study is perfect for encouraging your young ladies to seek out exactly what it takes to be that girl after God’s own heart!

Parables of Jesus Volumes 1-3
from Proverbial Homemaker

Grade Level: 5-12
Value: $12
This bundle includes 34 of the parables of Jesus. Read the Scripture together and then work through activities including notebooking pages, word searches, mazes, drawing, decoding messages, crossword puzzles, and more.

Read and Color Bible Study Bundle
from Heart and Soul Homeschooling

Grade Level: PreK-3
Value: $9
Kid-friendly illustrations will help children come to know the New Testament story of Zacchaeus and his encounter with Jesus. The story of Zacchaeus is paraphrased from the Bible verses in an easy-to-read narrative that children will understand. They can follow along as you read aloud, or beginning readers can get practice as they become familiar with important stories from the Bible’s New Testament.

Grade Level: K-12
Value: $10
Does it seem hard to know where to start when teaching your kids to study the Bible? Are you looking for resources that will do more than just teach Bible stories? This bundle includes THREE resources to help your grade K-12 students learn to use the Inductive Bible study method through Psalm 1.

Grade Level: Ages 3-12
Value: $9
Teach your kids about the days of creation with hands-on activities that will make learning fun! This bundle includes interactive matching puzzles, count and clip cards, playdough mats, and much more. It also includes copywork for a wide range of ages and bonus worksheets- over 90 pages in all! Your kids will enjoy these activities so much, they will forget they are learning!

Kids Finances Bundle
from How to Homeschool My Child

Grade Level: 6-12
Value: $30
Are you searching the Scriptures to see how God wants you to manage your money? Are you teaching your kids about money management before they find themselves neck-deep in student loans, a mortgage and a $15,000 credit card debt? Discover how you can effectively manage your money and teach your children the Biblical view of finances and debt BEFORE it is too late!

Grade Level: 2+
Value: $8
Teach children to grow their faith like a Mustard Seed by applying the concepts of growing a plant to growing faith. The Youth Bundle includes a Lesson Planning Guide, 3 sets of coloring pages (including an EASY set for little scribblers), reflection and journaling pages for children who can write, and wall prints (or handouts) that apply to any age. Dive in deep to create a lesson from each concept or consolidate into one lesson.

Building Others Up Printable Pack
from Life as a Lifeschooler/Lifeschooling Conference

Grade Level: Ages 4-10
Value: $8.97
13 pages of printables to help your child learn to build others up with their speech! Decide how many windows, doors, etc. make a completed house (mix and match elements from each page), and once the entire house is built, you can award your child a special prize or activity. Have your child color the pieces, then laminate them for reuse or print more for next time.

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