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Homeschool Grab Bag has 60 HOMESCHOOL products for families at a 97% discount.

Sale valid from 07/08/21 9AM CST – 07/16/21 11:59 PM CST.

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Homeschool Grab Bag

  • 60 products
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Common Questions

Grab Bags are beautiful, downloadable, PDF documents that are filled with top-quality resources from trusted content creators, brands, and bloggers at 100% discounts. When you purchase one of our limited-time, themed, Grab Bags, you get instant access to this PDF and all its contents.

If you want to learn more, check out the About Page!

When you purchase a Grab Bag through our secure checkout, you will immediately receive a PDF workbook for you to dive into. From there, you can browse the PDF and “grab” the products you’re interested in by clicking the corresponding link and entering your email to receive it directly.

Because all of our products are digital and still owned and hosted by their makers, we do not offer refunds.

  • Should you have an issue with your Homeschool Grab Bag, please email us at [email protected]
  • If you have a problem with an item you are trying to claim from Digital Grab Bag, please head to the contact page of the respective site owner.

All of the products in any Digital Grab Bag sale opportunities will be digital products. You will not be receiving any physical items in the mail.

Examples of the types of products you’ll find in a Digital Grab Bag sale are eBooks, online courses, printables, MP3s, digital workbooks, etc.

No, you can not share your Digital Grab Bag or the items within with anyone. All products are for your own personal use, within your own immediate family.  Please check each individual product’s terms of use for specific details.

Once your purchase is complete, you will immediately receive an email from Digital Grab Bag with a link to your grab bag. You’ll need to download and save your grab bag because you’ll have 3 months from purchase to ‘grab’ all the products you’d like in your bag.

If after 30 minutes you have not received an email with your download links, please check your junk mail. If it’s not in your junk mail, contact us at [email protected].

Your Grab Bag PDF will expire 3 months from the purchase date. This date will be listed on the sales pages, as well as inside of your Grab Bag. You have 3 months to “grab” any products you’d like to keep within this time frame. It is your responsibility to keep them in a safe place on your own device.

After three months, all of the links will expire and you will not be able to access any of the products for free via the links. However, if you keep them on your own device, you can access them whenever you choose.

To grab a product, follow the respective link and enter your email. It will be delivered directly to you so that you can use it in your own time.

Because of EU GDPR and tax laws, we are not able to successfully comply by the complex rules of the EU. We are not currently selling any Digital Grab Bag products to customers who live in the EU.

Each Grab Bag sale is limited-time. You can refer to the particular Grab Bag sales page or offer for an offer expiry date and time.

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