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More about the Raising Real Men – Character-Building Audiobook Library, CD version:

Value: $129.77
Runs from 07/07/21 9 AM CST – 07/08/21 9 AM CST

These are the books that our adult kids say impacted them as children, the books that changed their characters. We decided to turn them into audiobooks you can enjoy in the van or at home. Some are funny, some are exciting, all are the kind of books you think about years later; books you want to read and reread and share with your children.

All are appropriate for the entire family. Invest in a library of books that will shape the character of your family. Comes in a corrugated carrying case with a handle.

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All About The Ocean Workbook
from Geez, Gwen!

Grade: 3-6
Value: $

This beautiful workbook takes students on a journey through the ocean where they will learn all about the sea creatures and marine life that call the ocean home.

Guide to Digital Homeschool Organization from Techie Homeschool Mom

For Mom
This eCourse teaches you how to organize your computers and digital files for efficient, hassle-free techie homeschooling. You’ll learn how to simplify and synchronize digital learning, plus develop a simple method to organize all your digital homeschool resources.

How To Homeschool Year Round ebook from Homeschool and Humor

Grades: K-12
Value: $
Learn how to homeschool year round with this informative year round homeschool ebook. Learn what year round homeschooling is, how it can benefit you, and all the different types of common – and not so common – year round schedules! Includes bonus year round schedule cheat sheets!

Centuries Through Time Timeline Notebook
from My Joy-Filled Life

Grades: K-12
Value: $10

This printable timeline notebook will help you see and keep track of all of the important historical events and people that you study in your homeschool, plus it is a great space-saver if you don’t have wall space for a timeline. It covers 5000 BC to the present time and beyond.

People of Color Lapbook Unit Bundle
from Sarah Lyn Gay

Grades: 1-3
Value: $
Learn about 5 of our favorite people of color with these informative but simple Unit Study lapbooks. We can’t wait to help you learn more about Louis Armstrong, Cesar Chavez, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, and Muhammad Ali!


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