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120 Pages to help kids of all ages memorize and understand the Ten Commandments.

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As parents, we know the importance of raising children in the admonition of the Lord. Gospel Grab Bag helps you to do that with quality content for children and parents alike! Its filled with Christ-centered resources that will help you usher your whole family into a concrete relationship with Christ. See our Statement of Faith for more about what you can find inside of Gospel Grab Bag.

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Each of the 40+ products is listed below along with a description, grade level, and retail value. You can click on the image or title of each product to learn more about it or its creator.


from 4 One More

The James Little Fishes Bible Study provides a gentle introduction to the inductive Bible study method for your kids in grades K-4. This mini study will give you access to weeks 1-2 of the study, working through two passages in the book of James over 8 lessons. ESV 

Grade Level: K-4
Value: $5.00

1 Corinthians 13 Copywork and Memory Work Resource Pack

from Humility and Doxology

Help your children hide God’s Word in their hearts with this 1 Corinthians 13 copywork and memory work resource pack. Includes 18 printable pages.

Grade Level: K – 6
Value: $5.99

Adventure through Acts 1: Leader's Guide

from BibleBaton

Trace the exciting, explosive spread of the Gospel during the early days of the church as you teach your kids 6 lively, engaging Bible lessons from Acts 1-8. Along the way, discover the true Actor emphasized in the book of Acts–and realize what that means for you, today!

Grade Level: K – 6

Value: $19.99

Adventure through Acts 1: Visual Aids Booklet

from BibleBaton

Keep kids engaged and help them understand key concepts from Acts 1-8 with the colorful, clear visual aids in this booklet (designed to complement the lessons in Adventure through Acts 1: Leader’s Guide).

Grade Level: K – 6
Value: $9.99

50 Biblical Affirmations for a Christ-Centered Outlook

from The Fervent Mama

Take scripture to a new level by applying it over your as affirmations. Confirm the good-will of Christ in your life with The Word of God.

Grade Level: 9th – Mom 
Value: $9.99

Delightfully Written- Volume 2

from Embracing Homeschool

Your child’s penmanship will be strengthened while doing a school year’s worth of copywork from the Bible.

Grade Level: K – 12
Value: $11.94

The Ultimate Bible Devotions Binder

from The Inspired Prairie

The Ultimate Bible Devotions Binder is a 60+ page instant digital downloadable printable binder that you can use to study your Bible and dive deeper into God’s Word. 

Grade Level: 9 – 12
Value: $9.97

28-Day Devotional + Challenge (Loving Others) | Printable Ebook + Fillable PDF

from The Inspired Prairie

This “Loving Others” Bible devotional is a 56 page instant digital downloadable printable devotional that you can stick in a binder, OR you can use it as an eBook devotional and do the challenges via the fillable PDF format.

Grade Level: 9 – 12
Value: $9.97

"Our Father" Study Pack

from Connies Corner

Fun No-Prep worksheets for the Our Father and Ten Commandments. More than 40 pages of fun and engaging exercises and puzzles to help build memorization and conceptual comprehension.

Grade Level: 1 – 3
Value: $10

Gratitude Activity Bundle by Wisdom From Heaven

This Gratitude Activity Bundle contains 5 products in 1 – Gratitude Scripture Coloring Set, Kids Gratitude Handwriting Practice Journal, Gratitude Activity Pages, Gratitude Coloring Journal Pages, and Gratitude Doodle Journal Pages.

Grade Level: K – 3

Value: $40

Easter Bible Activity Book For Kids by Wisdom From Heaven

This Easter Bible Activity Book for Kids has over 100 pages of Bible-based activities about the Easter story of Jesus Christ.

Grade Level: K – 4

Value: $10

Creation Coloring and Drawing Book by Wisdom From Heaven

This Creation Coloring and Drawing Book which is packed with Bible-based coloring and drawing pages, engages children to learn about God’s creation story in a fun and creative way.

Grade Level: PREK – 2

Value: $8

Lamb of God DIGITAL Bible Study & Scripture Writing Journal for GoodNotes by JoDitt Designs

This 5 week Bible reading plan is perfect to start during the season of Lent, or in preparation for Easter and the Passover. The daily Scripture readings will help you discover for yourself the meaning and significance of the Lamb of God, as you follow the story of the Lamb… from Genesis to Revelation. . . . PDF file formatted for use on your iPad using GoodNotes app …Includes:Links to each week, home & bonus pages for easy navigation, pre-cut stickers, Coloring pages at back of book + individual files to color in Procreate, Zinnia, Recolor or other coloring apps

Grade Level: 6 – ADULT

Value: $15

Lamb of God Bible Study & Printable Scripture Writing Journal + BONUS Coloring Pages by JoDitt Designs

This 5 week Bible reading plan is perfect to start during the season of Lent, or in preparation for Easter and the Passover. The daily Scripture readings will help you discover for yourself the meaning and significance of the Lamb of God, as you follow the story of the Lamb… from Genesis to Revelation.

Grade Level: 6 – ADULT

Value: $15

Love Notes to God: A Family Prayer Guide by Equip Family

Help families talk to God this Valentine’s Day season with this unique family prayer guide!

Grade Level: K – 5

Value: $12

Trinity Preschool Pack by Equip Family

Looking for a way to teach the Trinity to your littlest friends? This Trinity Preschool Pack will help you do just that!

Grade Level: TOT – PREK

Value: $5

Patience Scripture Study by A Family Devoted

As parents, cultivating our children’s hearts with God’s Word helps build their character. But being good examples to our children is important too. That’s why studying God’s Word as a family is crucial. This Patience Scripture Study is a 30-Day heart and character study made for the whole family!

Grade Level: 3 – 12

Value: $8.97

Days Of Creation Activity Pack by A Family Devoted

The Days Of Creation Activity Pack includes 3 different activities that will help your children remember the creation account from Genesis!

Grade Level: K – 4

Value: $5.99

Number and Letter Bible Fun by Yellow House Book Rental

Bible Alphabet printable set- Learn the alphabet with words and numbers from the Bible and 7 Days of Creation Days of Creation- Numbers and coloring fun.

Grade Level: PREK – K

Value: $10

Bible Verse Memory Cards (for kids!) by Mindy Jones Blog

These Bible verse memory cards are great to help teach your kids to memorize scripture! There are 32 verses that you can work through with your kids. Use them as flashcards or put them together in a little memory verse binder for them. 🙂

Grade Level: PREK

Value: $9

Come and Gather: Family Time With God by InstaEncouragements

Come and Gather is a lovely, 35-page, daily devotional centered around families enjoying time together with God and each other. This 27-day devotional is divided into 3 parts: Part One (Days 1-5) is written specifically with husbands and wives in mind. Part Two (Days 6-20) is written with the whole family in mind—it’s A Walk Through God’s Word, from Genesis to Revelation. Part Three (Days 21-27) is a Men of God Character Study.

Grade Level: K – 12

Value: $7

What We Know About The Bible by InstaEncouragements

What We Know About the Bible is a great teacher/student resource—it’s like a curriculum for Bible students! This lovely, 75-page resource leads the reader on a journey through God’s Word, book by book, in chronological order of book authorship. Learn the order of the books of the Bible, who they were written by, when they were written, and the time period covered. You’ll also discover noteworthy facts, pivotal passages, and points to remember.

Grade Level: K – 12

Value: $8

Disciple Me by InstaEncouragements

Disciple Me is a 10-week, self-guided (or group-guided) discipleship Bible study. The purpose of Disciple Me is to disciple new believers into mature, fruitful Christians, who will then be able to go out into the world and reach others for Jesus Christ. Study includes: 10 lessons packed with relevant Scripture, a guide on how to pray, New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs reading plans, a variety of journaling pages, 10 3 x 5 printable note cards each with a verse for that week’s lesson.

Grade Level: 5 – 12

Value: $8

Psalm & Proverbs Color Journal by Homeschool & Humor

This fun and colorful journal is the perfect way for kids to learn about Psalms and Proverbs. Each page includes a verse from the Bible with copywork practice and an additional page for comprehension for each verse. Kids will love studying these important scriptures and coloring in all the beautiful pages!

Grade Level: K – 12

Value: $17

Christian Gratitude Journal by Clothed With Dignity Co

Would you like to practice gratitude? But don’t know where to start?! Why not grab yourself a copy of my NEW gratitude journal to encourage you to practice gratitude daily! Inside this printable journal you will find various different questions that you can reflect upon each day, plus other prompts for journaling your gratefulness.

Grade Level: 9 – 12

Value: $11.50

My Prayer Journal and Bible Verse Book by Heart and Soul Homeschooling

Children ages 6-12 will enjoy developing the habit of prayer and Bible verse memorization with their very own My Prayer Journal and Bible Verse Book. With prayer prompts, Bible verses, affirmations, and coloring pages, this journal makes it a simple part of their daily habits. Ideal to include in a morning basket or bedtime routine.

Grade Level: 8 – 12

Value: $8

Reflections: Psalms from a Woman's Heart by Mama Shark

“Reflections: Psalms from a Woman’s Heart” is a collection of poems reflecting on what it means to be a child of God through the experiences of life, and expressing the emotions that come from dwelling on the greatness and faithfulness of God. My hope is that reading these poems will give you a way to express your own heart’s psalms to the Lord and ultimately be drawn closer to the heart of the Father.

Grade Level: TEENS – ADULT

Value: $9

Bible Printable Pack Bundle by Proverbial Homemaker

Enjoy these fantastic printable packs for ages 2-9 to reinforce your Bible lessons. These fun and interactive packs also include skills practice in math, language arts, and more! You’ll get the David Pack (121 pages), Psalm 23 Pack (82 pages), Jonah Pack (99 pages), and Minor Prophets Pack (55 pages). 

Grade Level: PREK – 3

Value: $28

Heroes of the Bible Brick Challenge & Character Study by Proverbial Homemaker

This 95-page printable combines the creativity of Lego build challenges with a study of over 20 characters in the Bible! Build examples and scripture memory cards help aid learning. (ESV and KJV available)

Grade Level: PREK – 3

Value: $14

Exploring God's Word Journal by The Planner Nerd

This journal is an interactive Bible reading journal for children. It is designed to help them read, reflect on, and pray about God’s Word.

Grade Level: 1 – 6

Value: $5

5 Fun PreK-K Bible Lessons by Grapevine Studios

Need a quick, ready-to-lesson? This is the ebook gives you 5 to choose from! Teacher and student pages for ages 4 to 6! for you!

Grade Level: PREK – K

Value: $15

5 Bible Lessons for Kids by Grapevine Studios

Grab and Go Bible Lessons for those busy lesson days! This is the ebook gives you 5 choices for Bible lessons! Teacher and student pages for ages 6-12!

Grade Level: 1 – 6

Value: $15

Friendship and Virtues Lesson Plans Pack by The Wolfe Pack Den

Let this resource help teach your kids HOW to be a good friend, especially in a manner that reflects Biblical virtues and glorifies God. Perfect for small group settings!

Grade Level: 3 – 8

Value: $6

ABC Bible Verses Memorization Pack by The Wolfe Pack Den

Help your students tuck TWENTY-SIX Bible Verses into their little hearts with this easy-to-implement 200+ page pack! Includes nine different ways to practice each verse. 

Grade Level: K – 5

Value: $10

Gratitude Journal for Kids by Kateable

Easy prompts for kids to teach them how to be grateful and journal their thoughts. 30 days worth of prompts.

Grade Level: K – 12

Value: $12


Journey Through Proverbs in 31 Days - A Devotional Study by Mighty Woman of Valour (MWOV)

A Study with Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reflection Exercises. Do you want to see your life transformed from the inside out? Proverbs 4:7 says that Wisdom is a priority and we should do all we can to get understanding. This study encourages us to dig deeper into the Word of God by spending time in the book that provides us with the knowledge we need. By partnering with the Holy Spirit, who gives us the revelation of the word – we will gain understanding and ultimately walk in God’s wisdom. Dig deeper into God’s Word over the next 31 days, bring God glory by living the best version of yourself and live out the plans and purpose He has for you. 

Value: $13.50

EBook: 50 God Inspired Declarations & Reminders of Who You Are in Christ by Mighty Woman of Valour (MWOV)

Downloadable E-Book Version of the book: 50 God Inspired Declarations & Reminders of Who You Are In Christ. Download your personal copy, print it and do the exercises and use the gratitude journal in your quiet time with God. This God-inspired book of 50 declarations will remind you of who you are in Christ. Speak it over yourself daily and allow the Holy Spirit to draw you closer to the heart of God as He starts to develop and refine the calling He has for your life. It also contains a complimentary daily gratitude journal, which will help you capture your time with God, for eg. who you are praying for, what you are grateful for and any scriptures God uses to touch your life.

Value: $13.50

31 Affirmations - Card Deck by Mighty Woman of Valour (MWOV)

Never Again allow the enemy to steal your identity in Christ. Isaiah 46:10 says that God declares the End from the Beginning. He created you and filled you with all His fullness and glory from the moment He formed you in your mother’s womb. He knew you before you were born and Jeremiah confirms that His future for you is filled with purpose and hope. These Cards of Affirmation are your daily reminders of how God sees you. The Spirit of Faith is Having Believed, We Speak. (2 Cor 4:13) As daughters of the Most High Living God, we should be doers of the word, speaking life over ourselves and our families daily.

Value: $7.50

18 Names of God Card Deck (Printable) by Mighty Woman of Valour (MWOV)

Knowing and understanding the names of God, means that you can call on the specific character of God that represents your greatest need. Eg. For healing – you can call on: Jehovah Rapha – The Lord who Heals. The revelation of His names will open up the beauty of Who God really is to you. He is magnificent, awesome, majestic, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. May you get to know Him as your Saviour, Father, Creator and Friend. The Lover of your soul – the one who calls you daughter.

Value: $7.50

Spiritual Journal by Kateable

30 day of spiritual prompts to help you deepen your faith and make time for recording your spiritual feelings daily.

Value: $12

Marriage Bible Study Bundle + Bonuses by Marriage Legacy University™

Meeting in God’s Word is one of the greatest gifts you can give to God, your children, and your marriage. That’s why we created this bundle of four easy-to-use Bible studies to give you time and space to connect in God’s Word in as little as 10 minutes a day. If you’re ready to experience true transformation in this season of marriage, the Marriage Bible Study Bundle is the perfect starting point.

Value: $225

Hey Mama! PRAY: Praying Proverbs Over Your Child by InstaEncouragements

The Hey Mama! PRAY Bible study will guide you through 23 days with 29 topics from the book of Proverbs as you pray the book of Proverbs over your child. There are spaces to write Scripture out, record prayer requests, and journal your prayer. Plus, we’ve included The Ultimate Guide To Praying Proverbs Over Your Child—a list of over 5 dozen topics, complete with Scripture references from Proverbs, to pray over your child.

Value: $8

Reflections Color Journal by Homeschool & Humor

Grow closer with God as you work your way through gorgeous pages of this color journal. With scripture quotes included on just about every page, you’ll love how you will be able to merge the peace and joy of coloring with studying God’s Word.

Value: $17

Take Courage! An Affirmation Journal for Christian Moms by Homeschool in Florida & Beyond

Take your prayer and meditation time to a whole new level. These beautiful quotes and space for writing make the perfect combination for refection and prayer. Take Courage, moms! You’re worth it!

Value: $12.99

Walking with God: Bible Lessons for Families by How to Homeschool My Child

Use these 6 weekly lessons for families to encourage & inspire your kids to walk with God. Easy-to-follow instruction for all activities. “Walking with God: Bible Lessons for Families” provides 5 weeks of Bible stories. For each Bible story, you’ll receive ways to tell and review the Bible story, a “catch phrase” to review all week long, craft instructions, an object lesson, memory verse & printable, short videos for further learning, as well as fun snacks that tie in to the Bible story. What kid doesn’t want to learn when food is involved?

Value: $40

14 Devotional for the Entrepreneur by Sharing Life's Moments

Increase your faith in God and grow your business by doing this 14 Day Devotional for Entrepreneurs. This devotional will help you to ponder on how you can grow your business in a more powerful manner.

Value: $5.99